Persuasive Writing

Dear Mum,


I am telling you, I NEED a dog! Here are my reasons why.


Due to dogs being so freaking adorable, a dog would keep me happy. Dogs don't judge you so you could tell them embarrassing secrets without the embarrassment... who wouldn't want that?


A dog also encourages me to be active and exercise. I could take my dog to the park and run around having fun, as well as taking my dog on runs and walks.


Equally important, dogs are loyal and protective. When I take my dog for walks, my dog would protect me and make me feel a lot safer compared to when I go on a walk by myself. Plus my dog would keep me company.


On the whole, I don't want a dog anymore, I NEED A DOG!


From S. 






Dear Mum,


I believe you should get me Bitter Enemies which is the seventh book in the Friday Barnes series because it will improve my reading, help me stay out of your way and it's cheap!


To begin with, it will help with my literacy. In support of this, it will expand my vocabulary because in these books I often find new words, ask someone what it means and therefore know a new word. Also I will be practising my fluency, this leads to better literacy skills.


Additionally, it doesn't cost much. As evidence, the average cost of books are fifteen to twenty dollars at most. In effect you would have more money to spend on the others (my siblings) meaning they wouldn't be jealous. On the other hand, you could always spend more money on shopping etc.


Pursuing this further, it will keep me occupied. For example, whenever I get a new chapter book, I go down to my room and read for 1-2 hours. If I have not finished the book in that time, I will do the same thing the next day. As a result of this, you will get maximum working time. Not to mention, I am silent when I read meaning you will get some quiet time to yourself.


As you can see, you should get the book Bitter Enemies because it will improve my reading skills, help me stay out of your way and it's cheap!


From C.