3/4D Class Report

How The Term Has Flown!

Grade 3/4D have had a wonderful start the year – settling back into the swing of things, ready and raring to learn!  My, we have had fun getting to know each other again, learning new games and jumping straight back into our favourite work tasks of Café Reading, Daily Five, Big Write, VCOP activities, Number Blitz, Maths Groups, Smiling Mind and Go Noodle mindfulness.

We have loved the addition of our new class pets Harry, Hermoine and Ron, the three cute (yet, somewhat shy) hermit crabs.  We have enjoyed taking turns caring for them, learning about hermit crabs and researching our fierce wonderings about them. 


The fabulous students of 3/4D have all written a short sentence or two, letting us know what they have enjoyed so far in term 1:

Jacob & Spike – “We have enjoyed BOLT (Bikes Over Lunch Time) because we like taking the wheels off the bikes and learning how to fix them.  We also loved Athletics last Friday, running in the 70m, 100m, 200m and relay races.”

Lissy – “During term 1 I have liked the Athletics that we did.  I really liked the running.  It was great to watch all the people having fun.”

Brayden – “In term 1 I had fun at the Peter & the Wolf excursion.  I found it to be an outstanding story!”

Beverley – “In term 1 I have enjoyed cooking omelets-in-a-bag with Tammie.  They were delicious!”

Luke – “In term 1 I liked Number Blitz because I like maths.”

Solenn – “My favourite thing during term 1 was collecting the recycling data.  My group collected 3/4D’s green waste and paper recycling.”

Darragh  -  “During term 1 I have liked the Aths Sports because I got a 4th place  ribbon!”

Stasia – “I have enjoyed Athletics, Math games, Spelling, handwriting and cooking – it was all so much fun!”

Adam – “During term 1 I have enjoyed BOLT, which stands for Bikes Over Lunch Time.  I love the cheese and bacon rolls that Simon gives us! I have also enjoyed School Athletics.  I came 2nd in the seventy metres!  I like the hermit crabs too: Harry, Ron and Hermoine.”

Makayla – “I have enjoyed cooking an omelet-in-a-bag with Tammie.”

Mitch – “During term 1 I have enjoyed:

* Number Blitz                   

* The Daily 5 (my favourite)

* Art                                

* Athletics

* Peter & The Wolf

Aislin – “What I liked this term was Spelling Homework Words because you learn a lot.”

Lockie – “During term 1 I liked doing BOLT (Bikes Over Lunch Time), “Cat, Cow, Dog” brain break, Go Noodle, Mathletics, reading our class novels and collecting the recycling from grade 5/6M.”

Lillith – “In term 1 I enjoyed doing Number Blitz because you can go up to different levels.

Basem – “In this term, I have liked PE with Mr Cowden, also our Daily Five and Number Blitz.”

Kasey – “I’ve enjoyed the hermit crabs because they are cute.”

Mrs D – “One of my favourite memories this term is that of our Grandparents and Special Friends Morning.  It was wonderful to have a room full of visitors, who helped us in our quest of making beautiful fabric or paper eight-pointed stars for the One Million Stars Against Violence challenge.  With everyone’s hard work, we managed to complete 130 stars in one week!  Way to go KHPS J”