5/6M Class Report

Term 1 in 5/6M...

Monday 27th of March


Grandparents & Special Friends Day

A couple of weeks ago we had Grandparents and Special Friends Morning at school. During their visit we created optical illusions that looked like 3D hand prints, danced to GoNoodle songs and played a competitive game of sculptionary in teams.


District Track Athletics

On Friday the 24th of March, our school and many other schools competed in track events at Ballam Park. Some of the events were the 800m, 80m hurdles, 70m sprint, 100m, 200m and 4 x 100 relay. At the end of each race the people who placed in the top 4 got a ribbon.


AFL Project

Everyone in our class has recently started researching an AFL team for our Term 1 project. We have had to find out pretty much everything about them including player roles this year, 2016 club results and complete a player profile. This week we have been typing up our information and starting to create our A3 poster that we will use to present our research.


Lunchtime for Year 6

On Wednesday’s at lunchtime, Tom a Youth Worker from the Frankston Council takes all the Year 6 students into the library to play games and chat. Some of the board games we have played are Monopoly, Jenga, Game of Life, 5 Second Rule, Boom Boom Balloon and Cluedo.  



Recently, we got to meet our Prep buddies for this year. Jaimee’s buddy is Skylar and Summer’s buddy is Ewan. During buddies we have taken time to get to know one another, read together, discussing the story and personal interests, and made eating placemats for them to keep in their classrooms.


By Summer and Jaimee


So far in 2017...

Monday 27th of February


3-6 Sport

Last week we played basketball with Miss McCartney and two Year 12 students from McClelland College. After 20 minutes we then swapped activities and played mermaid tails with Mrs Dickman. 


Cooking with Tammie

For our first cooking session this year we learnt how to make omelettes in a bag. After cutting up all the ingredients, we had the option to add mushrooms, cheese, ham, spring onion, capscicum and tomato to our egg mixture. When we finished adding our ingredients, Tammie took our bags and put them in a pot to cook.


P.E with Mr Cowden

For the past 4 weeks, we have been learning to play golf with Mr Cowden. Mr Cowden taught us how to hit the golf ball down on the oval and helped us if we were having trouble.


Buddy Project

Over the past two weeks our group has been working together to plan how we can use a cardboard box to make a car for our Prep buddies. We have needed to think about what car parts we should include, what materials we will use and the colour of our car. We have decided our car is going to be black with flames on the side.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a point system that Miss McCartney uses to give each student points when they are doing the right thing in the classroom. This term our individual goal is to reach 150 points and our class goal is to get 3,825 points to earn a prize.


By Taliah and Georgia