5/6M Class Report

Term 3 in 5/6M


Games and Apps Challenge – Mitchell

Every Friday morning we work in groups from Years 3-6 to design a game/app. We have had to plan how our game/app is going to look and what is going to be in our game. My group has decided to do a Q&A game about how to respond to bullying.


Milo Cricket – Larni

Milo Cricket gives us a chance to learn how to play cricket. We were taught how to bowl and also bat. We participated in this program for 4 weeks and it was magnificent.


Footy Colours Day – Cooper

In week nine we held Footy Colours Day where you dress in the AFL, soccer or rugby team you barrack for. The cool thing about the day was that our class ran the footy cent line to raise money for cancer. The team that won was Hawthorn who raised close to $180.


Daily5 – Casey

During Daily5 we have completed Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listening to Reading, Work on Writing and Word Work. In read to self we read a text on planets and answered comprehension questions in our Reader’s Journal. In read to someone we read the ‘What Does It Mean To Have’ texts. The texts included information about people with down syndrome, allergies, asthma, dyslexia, epilepsy, autism and ADHD. In listening to reading we listened to Just Annoying on the listening post with our earphones. In work on writing we completed two pages in our handwriting books. In word work we practised similes and metaphors by playing a board game.


Basketball Lightning Premiership – Summer

Most of 5/6M and two students from 3/4D competed in the Basketball Lightning Premiership at Frankston Basketball Stadium. It was definitely a fun day, even if we didn’t place first! The total outcome was the boys placed 6th and the girls team placed 3rd. Our coach for the day was Tammie with the help of Miss McCartney (our scorer). When we got back to school I was buggered and so tired.


Cooking with Tammie – Trae

When we were cooking we got to make vegetable pasties. They were filled with carrot, cheese, corn, peas and potato. After we spooned the mixture into the pastry we brushed them with egg before cooking them.


Buddies – Taliah

This term for buddies the Preps showed the 5/6 students how to use a green screen. Braxton and I worked with Summer and Ewan on the green screen. We made a film about how good our school is. I wasn’t in the film because I was holding the iPad.