About Us

Karingal Heights Primary School was established in 1975 and is situated on the eastern fringe of Frankston, about 3 kms from the city centre.  It services a current student population of 98 students.


Karingal Heights is a community based school that aims to nurture and educate lifelong learners in a happy, secure and stimulating environment. 


Each child is valued as a unique and important individual. There are high expectations for student achievement and our school community strives to provide an atmosphere that encourages children to develop responsible and caring attitudes to themselves and others and to value and recognise the contributions of all.


Our school implements a whole school approach to teaching and learning that will assist students to learn in a more personalised/differentiated manner to accept greater responsibility for their learning. Staff working as a whole school team is a feature of our objective to bring more flexible learning to our children. The use of ICT and needs based student groupings will be a feature of our developing pedagogy.


Karingal Heights Primary School belongs to the Central Network of Schools that includes Ballam Park Primary School, Karingal Primary School, Frankston East Primary School, McClelland College.


Karingal Heights Primary School grade structure for 2017 will be five grades being Prep, Grade 1, Grade 2/3 , Grade 3/4 and 5/6 classes.


Staff at Karingal Heights Primary School are dedicated and committed to providing the children with an education of the highest quality.  They value working together and regularly extend their skills as educators. Parents and staff cooperate to provide high quality programs that recognise the need to cater for individual differences.


Teaching and Learning at Karingal Heights Primary School involves:

- creating a sense of connection and encouraging contribution to the wider community.

- challenging and encouraging students to develop a sense of responsibility and self-discipline.

- the development of self-esteem, confidence and independence.

- the encouragement to take considered risks.

- the children taking pride in themselves, the school and their achievements.

- involvement in decision making, problem solving and critical thinking.


Teachers welcome parents as partners in the learning process.  Parents assist with many activities within the school curriculum including literacy, maths, excursions and camps.  They are also involved as members of School Council sub-committees.


Communication between home and school is of great importance.  The school website, newsletters, parent information sessions and surveys are used to communicate with families. Parent/teacher interviews and student progress reports are a vital part of monitoring and developing each child’s learning as they progress through the school. 


Karingal Heights Primary School is committed to promoting lifelong learning through an exciting and challenging curriculum with an emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. A comprehensive and sequential curriculum from Prep to Year 6 is offered, based on the Victorian Curriculum. Information and Communication Technology is used as a tool across all areas of the curriculum.  The curriculum is further enhanced by student involvement in a range of extra-curricula activities including swimming, camps, incursions and excursions.


The well-maintained grounds include basketball courts, a netball court, passive play area, covered outdoor areas, separate junior and senior modular playgrounds and small oval. Our school is fully enclosed by a security fence.


Special facilities include a Multipurpose Room, Library, Art Room, Information Technology Centre, Classroom Kitchen, classrooms networked to Computer Centre, Canteen, and air conditioned classrooms.


The school needs are well served by the efforts of the staff and parents working together.  The school community is committed to maximising the educational opportunities for all our students.