George's Marvellous Medicine


My favourite part of George’s Marvellous Medicine today was when the old nanny goat kicked George’s father after having some medicine. 



It was cool when all the different coloured smoke went up into the air at start of the show. 



I like when they gave the medicine to his nan because she floated up and made a dint in the house. 



When Grandma grew because as she was growing, she was saying funny things. 



When the grandma grew it was hilarious because she kept on farting while she grew - the actor was really funny. 



At the start, the music was great. I had fun dancing to the songs. 



I thought it was great when George put all the stuff into his medicine.  The weirdest thing was the dark tan shoe polish. Yuck!



I really liked the dancing during the show. George was the best dancer. 



I enjoyed watching when the Grandma grew taller. It was amazing how they made her grow that tall. It was funny when the chicken got turned into chicken nuggets. 



When grandma went up in the air it was funny. 



I like the actor who played grandma because he was very funny, especially when he was having the medicine. 



I liked the part when the goat was attacking George’s dad. It was really funny. 



At the start of the show, when all the smoke was puffing up at us, it was a great surprise. Also when the grandma rose up into the air, I thought it was amazing. 



My favourite part was when their pet chicken “Nugget” was turned into a chicken nugget. 



I enjoyed when the grandma was growing really tall because it was cool how they made her rise up into the air. 



I enjoyed when the grandma started dancing and did the worm across the stage as well as “the floss” dance. 



I liked how they made everyone really tall - they had a really good trick of using shadows to make them look taller or smaller.  I wonder what the items actually were that went into the medicine?  



The actual production and setting of the show was marvellous. The sound effects were great. My favourite part was when grandma grew taller. 



The part where the grandma first came out onto the stage, in her huge chair, was exciting and terrifying all at the same time because of the lighting, music and fog. 



The jokes in the play were quite funny. Their acting ability during the fight scene was very good - quite believable. 



I enjoyed the part when the grandma used her two canes to poke at George and jammed him on the foot - very funny.