Family Wellbeing Hub

Hi Folks,

My name is Skye and I have just joined your school community as the Family Wellbeing Hub Coordinator down in the Parents Room, down from the Breakfast Club Kitchen. The Family Wellbeing Hub is about building on family and parent wellbeing. If we are strong, happy and thriving, so too can our kids be. But we can’t be like that all the time, so if you’re in a rough patch or sick of trying to sort something out alone, come and chat with me and together we can make a plan for things improve.

I have a family friendly and safe confidential space where you can get a cuppa, have your younger children play in the room alongside us and talk about whatever it is that you would like support with. I work for Anglicare but sit at the school most of the time. You may have concerns about your relationship, housing, budgeting, parenting, being a separated parent, being a foster carer, money, your safety, mental or physical health. The Wellbeing Hub is here to help parents and carers and everyone is welcome, no matter how big or small your concern.

I am a Mum to my gorgeous son. We have cats, fish, and chickens are on the way. I love walking, hanging out with my family and friends, travel and indoor plants! Please feel free to pop in and say hello at any time. You can just come in or, if I’m not in, you can give me a buzz and let me know when would suit you to come in for a chat, or just talk on the phone. I’m excited to be here and really looking forward meeting people.

Thought I might share a motto I am using to help me with some new challenges this year…

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can!